Maybe you already play bridge but would like to improve your game so you can play better at your local club, or even just with your friends?

Perhaps you are taking bridge classes and would like the chance to practice and improve between sessions?

  • Imagine.  Being able to log in online at any time and practice your bridge bidding in between your classes or club sessions.. 
  • Imagine.  Playing a hand and immediately receiving feedback on how you played and how you could improve your playing. 
  • Imagine.  Being able to access to hundreds of flashcards on a wide range of topics, or many interactive tutorials that could take you from being a mediocre player to a better player.

Well, stop imagining because all these things are possible!

Everyday thousands of people just like you are learning to improve their bridge playing on the Internet using interactive learning activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, an improver or even an advanced player, you too can  learn to improve your bridge playing online.

And you don’t need to be a computer superstar either to get started.  All you need is your Internet  connection and very basic computer knowledge – in fact, just knowing how to browse the Internet is enough! 

OK.  Where can I learn how to play bridge online?

That’s easy.  Join ‘No Fear Bridge‘.  It is the number 1 site for anyone wanting to learn how to play acol bridge online.

Why do I say that?

1.  You can take a no obligation, two week free trial.   No need to give your credit card details unless or until you decide to continue.  No need to give your personal details unless or until you decide to continue.

2. No Fear Bridge is run by Leigh Harding.  A highly experienced bridge class teacher.  Once you’ve tried her interactive site with its activities, progress chart, quizzes, tutorials, flashcards and more, you’ll be hooked!

Go ahead, dive right in and:

Sign up for your Two Week Trial. There really is No Obligation and you can start learning or improving your Acol bridge bidding and play immediately.  Try the interactive activities, see if you can get your username featured on the weekly quiz leaderboard.

  • You can learn or improve your bridge skills in a ‘fun’ and ‘easy’ way.
  • You can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home
  • Computers don’t get bored – repeat a topic as often as you need to help you master it
  • Each day there are three different hands of the day. A level 1 or 2 hand for beginning bridge players. A level 3 hand for improving players.  An advancer’s hand – go on, challenge yourself! 
  • There are also 100s of hands that you can play at any time just by choosing from the menubar
  • You have your own progress chart so you can monitor your progress in the quizzes. 
  • Interactive bidding practice –  if you’re not happy with your results, replay your bids on any hands that you want until you get them correct
  • Audio feedback.  Many of the hands now feature audio feedback to help you understand the best way to play the hand.

With a two week trial there is really no reason not to start improving your bridge playing immediately!

And that’s not everything …

At No Fear Bridge, not only is there bidding practice, you’ll also find tutorials that you can watch on each aspect of playing bridge, including the all important skill of defending.  You can take quizzes and work through personalised sets of flashcards to help you become a better bridge player in no time at all.  Astounding your fellow bridge players at home or at your club or class.

 Talking Of Quizzes, Go Ahead And Try A Millionnaire Quiz Right Now

Just sign up for your two week trial. (remember … there’s no obligation!)

Still Not Convinced That You Can Significantly Improve Your Bridge Playing With No Fear Bridge?

Let me expand a little more on exactly what you can do to significantly improve your Bridge playing at No Fear Bridge

How to Bid In Bridge – Bidding Practice

Bidding practice at No Fear Bridge is interactive.  Each time you choose a topic you will be given a selection of 12 hands to practice bidding.

If you choose an incorrect bid, you’ll hear audio feedback explaining why your choice was wrong.

Challenge yourself to bid all the hands correctly.  You can come back and try as often as you need to . Before you know it, you’ll find you can bid all the hands correctly and your confidence and skills will be abundant! Bridge bidding includes topics for all levels … beginners, improvers and advancers so whatever your ability you’ll be challenged to improve your skill level in a fun and interactive way.

Tutorials On Some Of The Bridge Bidding Conventions 

The Rule of 11Learn about The Rule of 11.
 What is it and when should you use it? Just one of the tutorials grouped by level from Level 0 for complete beginners, to level 3 for advancers.  All desinged to help you understand aspects of bridge including conventions.

Losing Trick Count. What is it?  How and when should you use it?

Stayman Bidding Learn about this convention and what it can tell you about your partner’s hand.

Or improve your understanding of No Trump Rebids.

Interactive Flash Cards

Grouped by topic, Flash cards are a fast, fun and easy way to learn. click on the card to reveal the answer.Bridge Flash Cards

You get over 200 cards to work through and can even create your own personal set to help eliminate the weaknesses that are holding your game back.  Simply remove the cards you already know! Take a  No Fear Bridge two week trial and get access to all the ‘Basic Bidding Flash Cards’ and the ‘Overcalling Flash Cards’ plus additional topics such as Strong Twos, 

Transfers, Stayman, Responders 2nd bid and 4th suit forcing.


You get to choose from hundreds of multiple choice quizzes on a whole range of topics for beginners, improvers and advanced players.

Have fun testing your knowledge on topics such as Preempts, Takeout Doubles, Stayman, Strong Twos, Fourth Suit Forcing

Your quiz is marked instantly AND you get to review feedback for wrong answers.


Leads Practice

Do you know how to decide which card to lead with? Don’t worry, with over 400 hand for you to practice with, you’ll soon master it.  If you select an incorrect or inferior lead you will receive instant feedback.

Millionaire Quizzes

The ultimate challenge. Be points rich! Can you score a million points on your chosen topic?

Topics include Stayman, No Trumps.

Weekly Quizzes

You have two weekly quizzes to choose from.  When you can consistently answer 20/20 questions correctly in the regular weekly quiz, move on and try the harder quiz.  Who knows, before long you may even top the weekly leader board?

 No Fear Bridge Is All About You Becoming A Better Bridge Player By Focusing On The Exact Skills You Need To Improve. 

Monitoring Your Progress Will Help You Learner Faster and Easier

At No Fear Bridge, you see your progress in the weekly quiz plotted on your own personal progress graph.  In no time, you’ll be amazed as you watch your skill level rise.  And before long you’ll be playing bridge with more confidence and ability than you ever thought possible!

And There’s More

 Challenge yourself with some Advancers Hands.  Practice some defence hands.  There’s something for everyone at No Fear Bridge.   New topics are added regularly so you’ll always find something fun and challenging to help improve your bridge play.

Ready To Get Started?

Click Here To Take A No Obligation Two Week Trial At No Fear Bridge

If you find after two weeks that your bridge playing knowledge and skills have not improved you simply end your trial membership without any further commitment.

I have every faith that you WILL improve your skills with No Fear Bridge.


Here’s to your growth and success at Bridge!

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