Gifts For Bridge Playing Friends And Relatives

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Used by bridge players in clubs but also used by those who enjoy playing bridge with their friends or family at home.  Use bridge bidding boxes and you will never mis-hear a bid again.  Useful if one or more players have hearing difficulties or difficulty with speach.  No need to speak your bids, they are visible on the table for all to see.

Bridge Tables

If your friend or relatives enjoys playing bridge at home, why not buy them a folding bridge table?  The perfect size for a game of bridge with a non-slip surface, bridge tables fold away for easy storage when not in use.

Bridge Card Tablecloths

If your friend/relative already has a suitable size table for playing bridge, buy them a special tablecloth to use when they are playing bridge.  An excellent, low cost gift for bridge players.

Bridge Score Cards & Holders

An essential accessory for any bridge player who enjoys hosting their friends for a game of bridge. Bridge score cards do what it says on the tin! They allow you to keep the score.


Playing Card Holders

For players with difficulty gripping the cards, choose a card holder.

Playing Cards

Jumbo Index Cards

For players with sight difficulties, choose jumbo index cards which are easier to read.

Miscellaneous gifts for bridge players

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