Is Bridge Hard To Learn?

That might seem like a really simple question to answer, but as with many things there is no fixed answer.

Learning the basics isn\’t too hard, after that it depends on what level you want to achieve and how much time you spend playing.

Many people just want to learn the basic game so they can enjoy some hands of bridge with friends or at their local club.  Some players really take to the game and enjoy playing in competitions and some really motivated and experienced players will enjoy playing for their country.

How easy or hard you find learning can depend on a number of factors.  Do you have any previous experience with playing cards.  Knowing the suits and understanding the basics of trick taking will give you a head start.  But don\’t worry if you\’ve never played cards before – learning about trick taking and suits is easy.

The biggest help to learning is having somewhere to practice your new skills and techniques between lessons – assuming you have decided to join a local bridge class.

If you can\’t join a class, then you can learn and practice online.  The advantage of a class is the motivation that attending lessons provides and the chance to make new friends.  But not everyone is able to join a class, for a variety of reasons.  This needn\’t hold you back or be a barrier to learning – you can learn online at No Fear Bridge – starting with the basics and progressing at your own pace.

If you have joined a class, then No Fear Bridge is the perfect place to reinforce your new learning and practice in your own time.  The more opportunity you get to practice between classes, the easier you will find it is to learn as you will find it easier to remember the new bidding and play techniques that you have been taught.

I always liken learning new skills to learning to drive.  The more opportunity you get to practice the faster you learn.

No Fear Bridge is dedicated to helping learners just like you play bridge.  It is a fun and easy way to learn bridge in your own time at your own pace.

Is bridge hard to learn?  Not if you join No Fear Bridge.  You start with a 2 week trial membership – no credit card or other financial details are taken.  If you don\’t want to continue you don\’t have to do anything and your membership will just lapse.

If you live in the UK, NZ or Ireland you will probably want to learn Acol bidding – so head over to No Fear Bridge UK now and start your trial.

If you live elsewhere you will probably want to learn American Standard Bridge, so head to No Fear Bridge US to start your trial membership.