Should You Bid The Opponent’s Suit?

Once the opposing partnership have bid a suit are there any circumstances in which you should also bid the suit?  A bid of the opponent’s suit is unlikely to be a natural bid, but sometimes it can have a special meaning.

The most common reason for making a bid in the opponent’s suit is to ask your partner if they have a stopper in that suit.

Take a look at this example:

Your hand: West
S: A J 4
H: A J 8
D: A K 7 3
C: 9 5 4

West North East South
1S 2C 2H Pass

Following East’s bid of 2 Hearts, West would usually rebid 2NT.  However, North’s overcall of 2C implies strength in clubs and West doesn’t have a stopper in clubs.  We needs to know if partner has a stopper in clubs.  West therefore bids the same suit as North.  Partner (East) will bid NT if they hold a stopper.  If they don’t they will make another, suitable bid to tell West something more about their hand.