Acol Bridge For Ipad 4

Great news for iPad users.  No Fear Bridge is iPad friendly.  They have their quirks and so my friend who runs No Fear Bridge she set about making the whole site ipad friendly.  There is now a whole section of tutorials especially for tablet users:

acol bridge for ipad

These are a fantastic set of tutorials.  Your own, private, online tutor.  As I’m typing this I’ve just played one of the tutorials on finessing.  I can’t show you the tutorial as you have to be a logged-in member to play it and hear the audio, but I can post a screenshot here for you:

play acol bridge on ipad

An ipad (or other tablet) is the perfect way of accessing the No Fear Bridge website.  They are light and easy to hold and good for anyone who has trouble holding or using a mouse – they don’t need a mouse!  They all have touch screens so you just tap your finger or a stylus on the button you want to click.

So – if you are an ipad owner and  you want to practice or learn Acol bridge online, look no further.  Sign up for you 2 week trial membership now – just click here.

Does your iPad need a cover to protect it?  Something to make it stand out from the crowd?  The Blueberry Bridge iPad cover is the perfect present for yourself, or bridge playing friends or partners:

Bridge themed iPad cover

4 thoughts on “Acol Bridge For Ipad

  1. Reply Anne May 13,2013 1:58 pm

    I have been learning bridge and been a member of No Fear Bridge for a year and a half. My mum does not have internet access, but has an ipad 3. Is there an Improvers Lessons No Fear Bridge ipad app I could buy for her ipad? It would be soooo brilliant for her!

    Thank you!

  2. Reply Karen May 21,2013 10:00 am

    I too do not always have an Internet connection when travelling but would like to practice my bridge. An app for my ipad based on UK Acol would be brilliant! I’m happy to pay for it. You have a great opportunity with this Leigh!

  3. Reply Anne Dec 1,2013 2:28 pm

    It’s Anne again! Well……… any chance of that App?!! I just know it would be snapped up! Every Bridge player I’ve spoken to says they’d love it! It would be really good to have it for I-Pad as well as the other tablets. Please, please, pleeease!!

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