Bridge Flash Cards

Bridge bidding flash cards are an easy way to help you learn and practice specific bridge bidding or play topics.  Each of the bridge flash cards has a single question on one side.  You can take as long as you need to work out the answer.  When you are ready, simply turn over the flash card to find the answer written on the back.

At No Fear Bridge UK you will find hundreds of flash cards on a wide range of topics to help you with your bridge playing.  You can choose which topic you want to work on and then work your way through the cards.  When you have worked out your answer, just click on the flash card to reveal the solution.  You can then discard the card or keep it and try again.

If you want to practice off line, order a set of the printed, laminated bridge bidding flash cards.  You can use them anywhere and no internet connection is required!

Here are a few samples  (these aren’t clickable).

Opening Bids

Bridge flash card


bridge bidding flash card

As a member of No Fear Bridge you will have access to a wide range of bridge bidding flashcards on many topics.  You can choose your own, personalised sets of cards and work on them at your own pace.  When you have worked out the correct answer you can discard the flash card, or keep it to try again later. It’s a great way of learning and improving your bidding in bite size chunks.  Very helpful if you are attending a bridge class but struggle to remember everything between sessions.  Just log-into No Fear Bridge and work on the topic(s) that you learnt in your previous lesson.