No Trump Rebids At The One Level

If you hold 15-16 points and a balanced hand, you will open the bidding with a bid of 1 of your longest suit with the aim of rebidding 1NT if your partner makes a 1 of a suit bid.

S:  K Q 8
H:  A 8 2
D:  A 8 4 2
C:  Q 6 4

But suppose your partner makes a bid of 1NT.  What should you do then?

A rebid of 2NT would show 17 – 18 points.  Your partner has already made the bid you intended to make and as they haven’t made a higher bid you know that they have a fairly weak hand.  You should pass.

West North East South
1 Pass 1NT Pass
If your points level means that you  intended to make a no trump rebid at the one level and  your partner makes the bid instead, you should pass.