Stayman is a common bridge bidding convention and one that is easy to learn, even for beginners.  It is used by the responder if their partner has opened the bidding with a bid of 1NT or 2NT.

The purpose of using the Stayman convention is to establish whether the partnership has an 8 card fit in a major suit in a situation where game might be possible.  This means that the Stayman convention is usually used in response to a bid of 1NT when responder holds 11+ points.

How to use the Stayman Bridge Bidding Convention

If Partner has opened with 1NT

The typical use for Stayman is if you hold a four card major AND 11+ points.  Remember, you are trying to establish if you have an 8 card fit. You know that partner has a balanced hand as they have opened with a NT bid.  It is unlikely that they hold a 5 card major as they would probably have opened the bidding with 1 of their major suit instead.

You use Stayman by bidding 2 Clubs.  This bid doesn’t mean that you have length or strength in clubs, it is a special bid with a specific meaning.  It asks partner to tell you if they hold a 4 card major.

There are three responses that your partner can make to tell you about their hand:

  • If your partner doesn’t hold  a 4 card major, they will bid 2 Diamonds.
  • If your partner holds 4 cards in hearts they will bid 2 Hearts (remember, they might also hold 4 spades)
  • If your partner holds 4 cards in spades they will bid 2 Spades.  This means that they don’t hold 4 hearts, otherwise they would have bid those first.

More advanced players will use Stayman with hands containing any number of points, where they want to know if partner has a 4 card major.  Just remember, if you do this you must be prepared for partner to give you any of the possible answers.

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